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Plate-fin EGR Housing Die and Fin Die


Product Profile: the hazardous exhaust emission of the engine is a main source of air pollution. As the environmental protection becomes more and more important, the goal of reducing hazardous emission of the engine has become an important direction for the world’s engine development. The EGR cooling system is a exhaust gas recycle system to reduce the NOX in the vehicle emission.


Application Scope: The EGR cooling system reduces the air pollution of the vehicle exhaust emission to the lowest threshold in order to relieve the negative influence of vehicle ownership on the environment and meet the increasingly higher human requirements for environmental quality. Our company has long been making researches and development on the dies related to the EGR cooling system, of which the four products, namely, inner tube, outer tube, upper internal housing and lower internal housing are manufactured with progressive multi-station die. In the die design, the 3D mechanical hand transfer mechanism can realize automatic blanking and automatic production and guarantee the product stability. Its non-stop continuous punching enhances productivity and lowers the risks of safety accidents. Its system power source are several independent servers that support the synchronous follow-up of the motor and the puncher to fetch materials. Such products are produced by adopting the progressive multi-station dies to raise product utilization ratio and effectively meet the product requirements. The successful development of the die provides more possibility for widespread of EGR cooling systems.