Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd.
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Core competitiveness

International Team

Wuxi Micro Research has a senior expert from Japan and a backbone team which has grown from Micro Research. They possess unique experiences and skills in the precision dies and manufacturing industry. This is the foundation to support the global development and production of Wuxi Micro Research.

Our main management have many years of oversea management and sales experience with keen insights and decision-making power for the industry and foreign markets.

Wuxi Micro Research has employed a group of local experts in its subsidies in Japan and the USA. They come from world-class precision manufacturers and have quite rich presales and aftersales experience and customer resources of precision dies after long-term sales and service work in the precision die industry.

Our international team not only ensures the development and expansion of domestic businesses but also paves good foundation for the internationalization of Micro Research with outstanding performance.