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Seat track Die

Product Profile: The track is a basic part of vehicle seats. It mainly realizes the function of connecting the vehicle body and the seat and the fixing function of the seat against vehicle body movement and vehicle body rest. In response to the functional requirements for the track, it is normally composed as follows: track adjusting unit assembly, lower track assembly, upper track assembly. Common track adjusting mechanism mainly include: track type, track block type, track bar type, rack and pinion type, screw type etc. The seat track is the most important part in the seating assembly, which can realize the manual adjustment in horizontal direction with the support of manual lock unit and the automatic adjustment in horizontal direction with the support of motor and drive mechanism.


Application Scope: the seat track shape depends on different vehicle model. For different design requirements, the same brand will use different guides. In the early stage, Chinese manufacturer used used imported ready-made dies to produce track and the cost of such introduction is high. In order to increase the production capacity and develop economic track dies of independent design, the slide project aims to make the basic design and improvement in light of domestic vehicle seat track dies.