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Micro Research Family Day 2018

Micro Research Family Day 2018 was held on August 25th, 2018 by company’s Administration Department and Labour Union as an appreciation for the support and understandings of our employees and their families. The theme of the Family Day this year is “Dream together, Share for Future”. More than 60 families and 150 employees from Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd. and its subsidiaries attended this event.
On Saturday early morning, employees with their families entered Micro Research’s Wuxi plant and signed on the welcome wall. After taking the “family portrait”, all attendees visited our modern office area and production facility. Children were excited about visiting the clean and tidy factory and curious about the advanced processing equipment. Parents explained patiently how each equipment works to their kids. Some children even expressed the willingness to work for Micro Research after they grow up. 
At the opening ceremony, Ms. Leiming Cai, the General Manager of Wuxi Micro Research Co., Ltd., awarded grants raised by Micro Funds to our employees’ children who would enter middle schools, high schools, and universities from this September. There also were 20 Goodwill Ambassadors, who outperformed in this year’s Micro Fundraising activities, awarded Badges of Honour.
A variety of family activities and competitions kicked off in the catwalk of employees’ kids from Sales Department. Children accompanied by their parents made fruit platters and beautiful micro landschaft with different kinds of green plants and models. A dozen of kids surrounded the little fishpond to fish with their parents’ help. Through this event, our employees had more opportunities to communicate and interact with their kids and the kids have felt more love from their parents at the end of the summer holiday. We prepared abundant prizes for kids who won in the family activities.
All attendees were impressed by this event although the Family Day lasted only one day. Everyone was infected by this sweet and warm moment. Employees expressed their appreciation towards the company for arranging this event as the activities not only enhanced the relationships between children and parents but also close the gap between the company and families.