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Micro-Nano Manufacture and Automation

Special Gauges for Automobile Parts

Special Gauge is a commonly used nonstandard testing instrument in the automobile parts production. Due to its simple structure, convenient use, relatively low cost, it is particularly suitable for the automobile manufacturing industry characterized by mass production. Hundreds of thousands of special gauges are applied during the in-process tests and final product tests by the automobile parts manufacturers. With the development of testing technology, although more and more general testing equipment have entered product site in all forms, they haven’t replaced the conventional testing means. The reason is that the rapid development of automobile manufacturing industry also drives the high-speed progress of special testing equipment technology of automobile parts and the application range and structural properties also see enormous changes.


The design of a set of online testing system needs broad knowledge base including tooling clamp design, gauge design, precision manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, automation, high precision sensor, electric instruments, of which a reasonable design scheme is the most important thing.


We design all functional gauges, online testing device sets that can meet the requirements for rapid and effective requirements and their simulations meet the assembly requirements of workpieces thus they are applicable for the measurement of dimensions and geometric tolerances of all in-process and finished machining parts.